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About the author

Maciej Rohleder

Co-Founder & Board Member

Co-founder of CSHARK and Managing Director of CSHARK SINGAPORE. Has a strong tech background, having worked as a Senior Solution Architect for Irish FinTech unicorn – Fenergo. Has over 17 years of experience in R&D, product development, professional services, and management, as well as over 10 years in FinTech and RegTech. Wants to spread his knowledge to help companies scale.

Table of contents

01What is corporate innovation?

Find out what corporate innovation is and statistics showing its importance for companies today. See what happens to companies that give up on development during a crisis. This section also shows 3 real-life examples of successful corporate innovations. 

02The process of corporate innovation

Walk through the six-step funnel to understand the order of things that need to happen in the corporate innovation process and the value each step provides. 

03Team-building for innovation

In this chapter, we depict how each stage of the team-building process impacts your team’s efficiency. You will also learn how to leverage the potential of a high-performing team to innovate. 

04Operationalizing innovation

In this chapter, you will read about 3 different approaches (levels) of innovation. You will also discover the 3 foundations of successful corporate innovations. 

05Enabling a culture of innovation

Innovation should not happen spontaneously and come only from the top, i.e., management. You will benefit the most by unleashing a culture of innovation and allowing improvements at every company level. That’s what this chapter is about. 

06Real-life examples of innovation culture

Learn four real-life stories of innovation implementation in well-known companies. Some of them are success stories, some of them, well, find out for yourself what they are. 

07Key takeaways

Here is what you should necessarily remember from this e-book and implement in your organization. 

08CSHARK Innovation Readiness Assessment

At the end, we have a surprise for you. It’s a dedicated CSHARK tool to assess your corporate innovation readiness. Answer several questions divided into sections and discover your company’s strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement on the corporate innovation journey. 

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