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Frequently Asked Questions

01What are the stages of the recruitment process at CSHARK?

The stages depend on the specific project for which we’re recruiting, so they may vary slightly. Firstly, always expect a conversation with a recruiter who will guide you through the entire process (you can choose between a phone call or Teams/Google Meet). At the next stage, depending on the project, your potential supervisor and/or a technical expert may join the conversation. There might be a request from our side to solve a task as part of the technical verification. After that, all that’s left to wait for is feedback and (hopefully) the offer. 

02How should I prepare for the recruitment interview?

Before the scheduled meeting, take another look at the job description. Consider whether everything is clear to you. If any doubts arise, the first interview will be the best time to let us know what additional information you need. 

Refresh your career journey. Often during the interview, we ask about the tasks you’ve performed in previous jobs. 

Also, think about any formal matters, such as the notice period, salary, the expected form of cooperation, and your specific preferences. 

Remember that the interview is a meeting of two sides. We speak and listen in a 50/50 ratio. We’ll be interested in what aspects are important to you and will answer all your questions. 

03Can I intern at CSHARK?

We dont organize internships on a regular basis. Nevertheless, we encourage you to check the job offers section. All our current announcements can be found there. If we start looking for individuals interested in an internship, such information will definitely appear there right away.


04Can I work remotely?

Yes, we operate in a remote-first mode. However, we have individual smaller teams that are entirely based in one of our locations, and we undertake projects where we occasionally meet with the client on-site. If your future team works in a hybrid mode, you’ll always find this information in the job posting. If it’s not mentioned, it means you can work entirely remotely (but we hope to meet you from time to time in one of our offices in Wrocław or Bielsko-Biała).

05What does the career path look like at CSHARK?

We operate with different levels of seniority. You’ll find people in roles such as junior, mid-level, senior, tech lead, or architect. Moving to a higher position is always determined individually and depends on your growth. If we notice progress in your work, we’ll gladly offer a promotion. On the other hand, if you feel that you would like to move to a ‘higher level,’ we’re open to having a conversation. 

06Can I change the project?

If you wish to change the project, you should first communicate this to your line manager. We then organize a meeting to understand the reasons for the desire to change, expectations regarding the new project, and other relevant aspects. 

Changing the project doesn’t happen overnight because before making the change, we need to inform the current team, notify the client, find a replacement, and confirm the new project. However, nothing’s impossible for us. We’re very keen on ensuring that every person works on a project that brings fulfillment. 

07Is there a possibility of international travel as part of the job?

Yes, on some projects, we have the opportunity to travel abroad; after all, we mainly collaborate with international clients. 

Working abroad is always voluntary, and no one is obligated to do so. If, however, we anticipate that a person will need to work outside Poland, we’ll include this information in the job offer. 

08Is the job posting that I see on the website still valid?

We update our Career page regularly. If a job offer is still visible, the recruitment process is ongoing, and we eagerly await your application. 

For some roles related to our core technology, we have regular demand, so selected job postings may be displayed on the website for an extended period. 

09What if I don’t see any job postings that match my technical skills?

We encourage you to spontaneously submit your CV through our website. Every application is saved in our database. When a new vacancy opens, we first reach out to candidates from the database, so you’ll be one of the ‘early birds’.

10What level of English is required?

We require a good enough command for you to be able to communicate comfortably within the team or with the client. We don’t need any language certificates. Your proficiency in English will be assessed during the recruitment interview.