Digital Core and Operations
in the Financial Sector

Embark on a transformative journey, where we redefine the landscape of financial and regulatory industries. At the core of our approach is a consultancy mindset that delves deep into your business needs, ensuring a tailored and strategic approach to each fundamental area of FinTech & RegTech: data, workflow and processes, audits, reporting and documents.

Move Beyond Standard with Holistic Approach

Enhance and Accelerate Digital Ecosystem

We implement and modernize the core and application landscape moving out from legacy systems that keeps financial institutions behind. We go beyond standard enhancing existing platforms for seamless integration and workflow optimisation.

Regulatory Compliance and Reporting Automation
Onboarding, KYC/KYB and Risk Rating
Suspicious Transaction Monitoring
Financial Crime and AML
Data Management and Analytics
Digital Identity Verification 
Personalized Customer Experience and Engagement
Efficient Payments and Remittance Solutions

Segment Versatility

Commercial and Investment Banking

By modernizing core systems and integrating multiple data sources, we enhance operational stability and competitive edge, ensuring compliance with evolving financial regulations and enabling more strategic financial management.

Payments, Remittance and Cross-Border Transactions

Our services streamline payment processes through efficient middleware integrations and modernized core systems, significantly enhancing the reliability and speed of cross-border financial transfers.

Wealth and Assets Management

We leverage intelligent back-office operations to increase efficiency and resilience, modernizing systems for seamless data flow, thus optimizing analytical capabilities and service performance.

Insurance and Claim Processing

Our integrated approach boosts operational efficiency and resilience in back-office operations, ensures seamless data handling, and maintains compliance with strict industry regulations, facilitating faster and more accurate processes.

Retail Banking

We enhance the retail banking customer experience through personalized engagement across multiple channels and modernize core banking systems to deliver stable, competitive, and customer-centric banking services.

Trusted Technology Partner


The ability to adapt and run multiple projects with growing scope of complexity and market demand. FinTech and RegTech industry is very demanding and the pressure to deliver quality software for Tier 1 and Tier 2 global banks and financial institutions is constant. CSHARK understands our challenges and the industry, therefore can provide reliable software solutions in a highly competitive timeframe.

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Niall Twomey

CTO, Fenergo


We were impressed with CSHARK’s capabilities from the get-go. They were clear about what was expected and responded well to our questions. In terms of their strengths, I’d say their ability to deliver resources quickly was great. Also, the technologies they used were outstanding, which supported the delivery of their services. In general, their software team was very skilled and delivered high-quality code.

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Joshua Anthony

Director if Business Development, Pastdue Credit Solutions

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