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Navigating the Digital Transformation Journey in Finance








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Maciej Rohleder

Co-Founder & Board Member

Co-founder of CSHARK and Managing Director of CSHARK SINGAPORE. Has a strong tech background, having worked as a Senior Solution Architect for Irish FinTech unicorn – Fenergo. Has over 17 years of experience in R&D, product development, professional services, and management, as well as over 10 years in FinTech and RegTech. Wants to spread his knowledge to help companies scale.

Table of Contents


To start this e-book well, we have preparedpreview of the current situation in the financial market. It is affected by many factors: COVID-19, the war in Ukraine, rising inflation. Many companies are wondering whether to invest in these conditions or tighten their belts and wait it out. Based on data and benchmarks, we address this question.

02Digital Transformation Checklist

To move seamlessly through your digital transformation journey, it’s worth looking at where you are now and how you envisage your destination point. This allows you to aim your future steps in the right direction. To make things easier, we’ve prepared a checklist that will help you confirm what your strengths are and which areas you may need to look into and improve.

03Defining and Developing the Strategy

The digital transformation journey is a decisive pathway for financial companies aiming to achieve sustained success. However, embarking on this journey without a strategy and a guiding “north star” would be akin to sailing uncharted waters without navigational aids. In the e-book we will guide you through the process of preparing a winning strategy. 

04Legacy System Integration and Modernization

Before you invest in new technology, make sure your current systems, applications and software are not outdated. Otherwise, their development may be hampered. This chapter will show you how to solve problems of legacy systems. 

05Ensuring Regulatory Compliance

Finance is one of the most tightly regulated sectors. Increasing regularory compliance, including KYC, AML, GDPR and more policies, requires the highest operational efficiency, constant change and adaptation. Embark on this journey with advice on how to improve overall compliance effectiveness by developing tailored software solutions. 

06Data Security, Privacy & Cybersecurity Threats

Because banks and other financial institutions deal with vast amounts of personal 
and financial data, making them attractive targets for cyberattacks, Data Security, Privacy & Cybersecurity challenges are critical to protecting sensitive information and maintaining the trust of customers. In this chapter we present crucial solutions to keep your business and your customer’s data safe. 

07Customer Experience Enhancement

Did you know that 5.6 million customers switched their primary banks last year?  Continuously improving the user experience is one way to retain customers. We’ll show you how to do it systemically. 

08Trends and Technologies of the Future

Last but not least, we’ll show you which trends in fintech are considered the most important, as well as which growing technologies will change the financial landscape in the coming years. See what to invest in today so you won’t be left behind soon. 

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Navigating the Digital Transformation Journey in Finance

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