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Discover our comprehensive services designed to optimize data migration, integration, and management processes. From expert guidance in cloud migration to facilitating seamless data flows between diverse platforms, we prioritize solutions that guarantee security, efficiency, and peak performance throughout your business operations. 

Securing Seamless Integrations


Collaborating with large institutions, we leverage tools from public cloud platforms like AWS and Azure, ensuring robust security protocols. We also acknowledge the challenges of navigating fragmented data structures and managing multiple lifecycles for organizations. On the other hand, prioritizing consumer trust and data security is integral to our commitment. Through DevSecOps, we embed security into every aspect of our development and operational processes, utilizing tools like SonarCloud for continuous code quality checks. Our adoption of CI/CD ensures swift and secure updates.

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Michał Gałczewski

Senior Software QA Manager, CSHARK

Large-scale Data Transformation & Migration

Enterprises face the challenge of managing large-scale data transformation and migration. Our solution involves leveraging expertise for a seamless transition to the cloud, utilizing major platforms to ensure secure and optimal migration. Robust planning, security measures, and ongoing support minimize risks and costs for a streamlined process.


Scale-ups encounter the challenge of scaling infrastructure to support rapid growth. Our solution offers scalable, modular infrastructure solutions tailored to meet their unique needs, emphasizing the creation of a robust yet flexible solutions that supports rapid growth and ensures operational stability.

Lean & Future-Proof Infrastructure

Start-ups face the challenge of balancing cost-efficiency with scalable data solutions. We offer lean, cost-effective cloud and infrastructure processes that are easy to deploy and scale, providing startups with agile and adaptable infrastructure services without heavy investments.

Services We Provide

We provide seamless migration to the cloud, efficient data migrations, and robust data integrations. Our services also encompass data security and privacy, along with leveraging user research and content analytics to optimize information architecture, ensuring a holistic and streamlined digital experience for our clients.

Migration to Cloud

We streamline the transition of applications, data, and infrastructure to the cloud, capitalizing on our expertise with major cloud platforms. From detailed migration assessments to ensuring optimal cloud selection, application transfer, and security implementations, we guarantee a secure and efficient migration process. Post-migration, we offer dedicated support, ensuring continuous monitoring and peak performance.

Data Migrations

We guide clients through the process of data migration, analyzing scenarios, advising on optimal solutions, and coordinating technical work and external teams for a smooth transition with minimized costs and risks. Data migration involves challenges such as cleaning, reevaluating, and enriching data to ensure accuracy and relevance. Three migration categories—Big Bang, On-Demand, and Parallel Run—offer distinct approaches, each with its benefits and considerations. Success factors include comprehensive planning, data security, rigorous testing, and stakeholder involvement.

Data Integrations

We specialize in seamlessly streamlining data flows between diverse platforms, ensuring that your data lifecycle is not just secure and effective but also exceptionally smooth. Trust us to provide you with a solution that empowers your business with the seamless integration and flow of data, contributing to the efficiency and success of your operations.

Security & Privacy  

Safeguard your valuable data with our comprehensive approach to data security and privacy. We prioritize implementing robust protection protocols that not only ensure compliance with stringent industry regulations but also exceed high-security standards.

User Research
& Content Analytics

Maximize the potential of your digital assets with our user-centric approach. We go beyond making data and content searchable; we empower you to unlock real business value.

Information Architecture

To create a user-centric product, we convert user needs into specific functionalities by analyzing feedback and prioritizing features, ensuring each function addresses essential user requirements. We strategically distribute these functions across the product’s screens or pages, establishing a logical and user-friendly flow for intuitive navigation. Content and needs are then translated into distinct components, with deliverables including Sitemaps, User Flow, and UJM.

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The ability to adapt and run multiple projects with growing scope of complexity and market demand. FinTech and RegTech industry is very demanding and the pressure to deliver quality software for Tier 1 and Tier 2 global banks and financial institutions is constant. CSHARK understands our challenges and the industry, therefore can provide reliable software solutions in a highly competitive timeframe.

Niall Twomey

CTO, Fenergo


The knowledge brought by CSHARK boosted the development rate and quality to an extremely high-level. The code quality increased drastically by reaching an 80% code coverage in just a few months of work, while the amount of feature implemented more than doubled since the arrival of the CSHARK development team. Throughout the different internal reviews that we often have, an unanimous feeling of wonder at the development has been expressed.

Samuel Gilliéron

Software Architect, REGENHU


We were impressed with CSHARK’s capabilities from the get-go. They were clear about what was expected and responded well to our questions. In terms of their strengths, I’d say their ability to deliver resources quickly was great. Also, the technologies they used were outstanding, which supported the delivery of their services. In general, their software team was very skilled and delivered high-quality code.

Joshua Anthony

Director if Business Development, Pastdue Credit Solutions

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Harnessing the latest technological advancements, CSHARK transforms traditional manufacturing landscapes into digital powerhouses of efficiency and innovation. Experience the next generation of industrial solutions with us.

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