November 5th, 2020 | by Piotr Opiełka

Piotr Opiełka: Software Developer Who Gets a Party Started

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Piotr Opiełka is a software developer who’s been at CSHARK for a year. He has a keen interest in delivering solutions in .NET. He lives in Katowice, but if he were to move anywhere in the world, he would choose Italy. In this interview, Piotrek explains how he pursues his passion for music.


Piotr in Cesenatico – a town in his beloved Italy.

CSHARK: You play guitar in a wedding band. How on earth did you get there?

Piotr: I found an old bass guitar at home years ago. After a couple of years, when I was a teenager, I said to myself “I want to learn how to play!”. Someone lent me an acoustic guitar and that’s how it all began. How did I end up joining a band? That’s actually quite an ordinary story. I went to high school, made friends with the same interests and so we started our garage band. That very same year we played our first events (OMG, they were so stressful! ), and before we knew it, we got our first wedding gig, and so it goes on today.

CSHARK: How do you combine music activities with your job as a full-time software developer?

P.: It’s not as difficult as it may seem. When something becomes your passion, you’ll always find time for it – even though I have less free time than I had ten years ago. Luckily, wedding parties and other similar events are usually organized during weekends, so that’s when our band is most active. Also, now that I’m working remotely and don’t spend any time on commuting, I have more free time to do what I love.


Piotr’s wedding trio.

CSHARK: What is your piece of advice for budding musicians?

P.: Follow your heart, practice regularly and listen to all different kinds of music – it really helps you develop as a musician!

CSHARK: How do you stay productive while working remotely?

P.: All I need to stay productive is to look out the window every now and then and take a sip of good coffee.


Piotr’s remote workstation. He likes to keep his guitar at hand.

CSHARK: Now, let’s finish this interview with five fire questions:

  1. What’s the most extraordinary thing you’ve ever done?

P.: I’ve been teaching kids in primary school.

  1. What three items would you bring with you to a deserted island?

P.: Guitar, piano, laptop.

  1. What’s your favorite band?

P.: Happysad.

  1. If you were a superhero, what powers would you have?

P.: Invisibility and mind-control.

  1. You spot a swimming shark, what do you do?

P.: I say: “Hey, bro.”

Piotr Opiełka

Software developer at CSHARK. Focused on delivering FinTech solutions in .NET. Passionate about the newest technologies, artificial neural networks, music and self-development.