May 6th, 2021 | by Piotr Homa

Piotr Homa: Always Up For an Adventure

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Piotr Homa joined us in 2019 and currently works in our Development Team, but don’t mistake him for the usual geek who’s permanently in front of the screen. He tells us about his passion for outdoor life.


CSHARK: What did you do prior to joining our team?

Piotr Homa: For many years I worked as a programmer, developing ECAD software for the electrical industry. It was a very interesting experience for me and I am glad that I can now use the acquired knowledge, despite the fact that the FinTech industry is a completely different area and I had to learn many things from scratch.


CSHARK: How did you start at CSHARK?

P.: It was over a year ago. I was looking for new challenges and came across an interesting offer from CSHARK. Recruitment went fast and I soon became one of the Sharks.


CSHARK: How did you get into scouting?

P.: Like most kids, I was adventurous. So when I heard about the recruitment to the scouting team – I applied. With time, scouting became my life adventure.



Piotr in his scout uniform. 


CSHARK: What is it about scouting that you love so much?

P.: The people I meet there! Most of my friends are still scouting or had been in the past. We have similar interests – we like nature and outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, ski touring, and sailing. These common values and interests, which also bring us closer together, are not without significance. I think that’s why I met my wife in scouting.



Sailing is just one of Piotr’s many passions. Here sailing away from Gdańsk.


CSHARK: What’s the most important lesson you can tell anyone who wants to become a scout?

P.: Let him not get discouraged when someone takes him to a camp in the forest one day. Running water, a bathroom, or the Internet are really not essential to life. However, only those who try to abandon all the comforts of the modern world for a few weeks and set off into the unknown can find out about it…



Which way to Oslo?


CSHARK: What have you learned in scouting that you can use in everyday life or work?

P.: Group work – no doubt about that. In scouting, it is one of the first things everyone learns “indirectly”. Scouts are divided into groups and teams and they do a lot of things together. In this way, they acquire skills that are useful in their adult professional life.


CSHARK: Answer with just one sentence:

  1. What’s the most unusual thing you’ve ever done?

P.: It was a trek around the Andean Salkantay, during which I climbed the pass lying almost 5000 m above sea level.

  1. What three items would you bring to a deserted island?

P.: As a sober-minded sailor, I would take: an inreach satellite communicator, a hand-held water desalinator, and a tinder.

  1. Your favorite game?

P.: Now I don’t play anymore, but it used to be Mortal Kombat (the first version!).

  1. If you were a superhero, what superpowers would you have?

P.: Telepathy, I guess. I can already guess someone’s thoughts sometimes.

  1. You spot a swimming shark, what do you do?

P.: I float away slowly and without jerky moves, or punch him in the nose if he doesn’t eat me first…



All smiles while ski-touring in the Tatra Mountains.


Piotr Homa

Software developer

Software developer at CSHARK. Skilled in .NET (C#) and SQL. Piotr is very adventurous and his passion is scouting.