July 1st, 2024 | by Maciej Rohleder

MPS Digital Transformation is becoming a CSHARK company

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We are thrilled to announce that MPS Digital Transformation is becoming a CSHARK company, a leader in consultancy and IT software development.

MPS Digital Transformation, known for its innovative, award-winning ECM solutions like MPS IntelliVector and MPS Voyager, brings over 16 years of expertise in reducing operational costs and streamlining business processes for the financial, government, and industry sectors. To ensure the success of this merger and as a testament to our commitment, Maciej Rohleder, Co-Founder and Board Member of CSHARK, will assume the additional responsibility of managing MPS Digital Transformation, supported by the full force of our Board and Leadership team. This move brings lots of benefits to CSHARK, MPS, and our clients:

For MPS Clients

It enhances operational efficiencies through streamlined processes and shared infrastructure, broadens service range with access to more IT consultancy and software development services, fosters innovative product development leveraging CSHARK’s capabilities, and ensures continued high-quality service with guaranteed continuity and robust support backed by CSHARK’s proven business model, all under a single provider

For CSHARK and its Clients

It extends our client portfolio with some amazing enterprise clients from the financial, insurance, government and industry sectors, with established long-term relationships supported by frame contracts, and benefits from IBM partnership for lead generation and license reselling. It ensures financial stability with continuous support in business development and operations, enhances consultancy and solution delivery capabilities with a wealth of expertise, includes ownership of two in-house IP products (MPS Voyager and MPS IntelliVector), and strengthens market presence in Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, and the Philippines, aligning with CSHARK’s global expansion objectives.

We are committed to ensuring a smooth transition and look forward to introducing ourselves to our new clients. Your feedback and questions are always welcome as we strive to serve you better. Stay tuned for more updates on how we will successfully execute this merger, benefiting our extended client portfolio.

Thank you for your continued trust and support. Together, we are poised for an even greater success!

Maciej Rohleder

Co-Founder & Board Member

Co-founder of CSHARK and Managing Director of CSHARK SINGAPORE. Has a strong tech background, having worked as a Senior Solution Architect for Irish FinTech unicorn – Fenergo. Has over 17 years of experience in R&D, product development, professional services, and management, as well as over 10 years in FinTech and RegTech. Wants to spread his knowledge to help companies scale.