January 30th, 2020 | by Adam Maciejek

Top 10 Startups to Watch in Stockholm

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Hungry – this is the word that describes many young entrepreneurs. Startups want it all, and they want it fast. The reality is that value is built for years, typically for 5 to 10 years, for most projects at least. If you want to develop a steady business and conquer the world with their products, you need to be patient. Swedish startups know that. This is our list of top 10 startups in Stockholm.

The problem with the city like Stockholm is that there are many startups to choose from. Stockholm is Nordic’s Silicon Valley and bursting with talents. We had to choose somebodyour pick is below. 

The best startups in Stockholm 

Storytel. The company launched in 2005. It allows for streaming and publishing ebooks. The company has a license to contemporary literature and classics. The interesting part – Storytel often hires celebrities to voice ebooks. Total funding – around $15 million. 

Coala Life. The company has nothing to do with saving Koalas, although that would be helpful as well. Instead, it democratizes cardiology. The startup developed a heart monitor – a diagnostic tool that can be used by patients and doctors alike. In  practice, it’s a matchbox-sized device that users hold next to the heart and get ECD reading in under a minute. All with the precision and credibility of professional hospital machinery.  

Northvolt. Not everything can be charged from a convenient socket on the wall. Sometimes you need an old, good battery. Two former Tesla executives built a company that created green, rechargeable battery cells for a better world. With minimized carbon footprint and economic production cycle, their proposition is hard to resist.  

Kry. It’s the first Sweden’s digital medicine platform. Launched in 2015, conquered the market with convenient in-app tools for quick health-risk symptoms evaluation and 15-minute video consultations with a physician. Consultations are now provided in 20 different languages. 

Airinum. This startup offers urban air masks, replacement filters, and accessories like air valves and head straps. They all come in different colours, making it perfect for almost any outfit out there and healthy at the same time. 

Mentimeter. This is an easy-to-use software for interactive presentations, workshops, and meetings. Promoted as interactive, engaging, and fun, it serves to purpose to carry the message across, while entertaining and educating at the same time. The software lets entrepreneurs and managers create interactive presentations, engage the audience and compare, and analyze data. 

Stilla. This anti-theft solution comes in the form of a little beacon that you can attach to a thing you want to protect. All you need is a little device and an app.  If it moves, you will know about it. Dedicated to smartphone and smartwatch, an app can be very discreet when it needs to be. With adjustable notifications and fully configurable alerts, the application can be a life-saver for anyone that wants to protect his or her belongings.

United Invitations. An interesting take on hospitality. Imagine you’re a foreigner, an Englishman in New York, so to speak. You want to integrate with society, but you’re shy, don’t speak a language very well, don’t know one. There’s an app for that! United Invitations matches people who want to host at least one free meal in their private homes and invite newcomers to eat, speak and integrate with them. 

Watty. Home monitoring is made simple and engaging. A beautifully designed box power by Artificial Intelligence (AI) lets you keep track of everything that goes on at home, all in real-time. Watty is installed in your fusebox and monitors the power usage. Video game consoles, TVs, coffee makers – everything can be tracked and verified, especially while you’re away. If you put a device connected for too long and leave the house, Watty can save more than money.

Worldfavor. Building a value chain isn’t easy. This sustainability platform connects companies with suppliers, stakeholders, and organizations all over the world. By sharing and using information, entrepreneurs can make responsible decisions. The team behind Worldfavor wanted to integrate management, investments, sourcing, and reporting, and create one tool for sustainable growth. The result? 30,000 clients in 60 countries. 

The takeaway

These fantastic companies could not disrupt their respective markets without high-quality software. However, not every startup has its own software team. Software development services can help in establishing a sustainable startup. A software product development company that wants to make an impact needs to understand that Stockholm and its startups are demanding clients.

Software developers in Poland can help with product building. Especially when it comes to .NET, as it is one of the most popular development technologies in the world. Other popular languages are Java and Golang (Go). CSHARK creates business value by putting the client first.  Software product development creates fortunes for startup owners, our clients. But most importantly, it creates value for your end-users. 

Adam Maciejek

Digital Solutions Consultant

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