November 12th, 2019 | by Adam Maciejek

Top 10 Startup Accelerators to Watch in Stockholm

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If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. This mantra perfectly matches the idea of startup accelerators. They help founders with many things, especially by verifying business concepts and assumptions. Here is our list of top 10 startup accelerators in Stockholm.

The idea of having a startup is very tempting for a lot of young entrepreneurs. Unfortunately, only some of them have what it takes to endure. Startup accelerators can help business-wise. In a vibrant Stockholm ecosystem, there are many organizations that fight for your attention.

The best startup accelerators in Stockholm

Ericsson One. If you think this accelerator has something to do with a tech giant, then… you are right. Ericsson launched a coaching program with access to 180 markets. The company offers joint workshops and seminars to boost the founders’ skills and grow their network. It gives access to the world’s leading operators, business development support, and connections to real customer cases, boosting founders’ operational knowledge.

Food Tech Village. This accelerator is all about the mission. Quality food, quality business, quality mindset and sustainability. This is what matters to the team. If you have a startup that can innovate agriculture, improve supply chain, gastronomy, waste management or personal health then this is the place for you.

Founder Institute. This accelerator is global, with an office in Stockholm. Focused on web and tech, it helped over 4,000 companies with over $20B of estimated funds. Founder Institute is available in 185 cities all over the world, with a decade of experience. The accelerator is a pre-seed focused business, meaning that it’s for people’s ideas, not a decade-worth experience.

Hyper Island. This is a school for entrepreneurs that are driven by creative goals. The team can teach you how to adapt to the latest trends and use digital technologies to boost your projects. More than 20 years of experience, more than 100 active collaborators and over 5,000 full-time and part-time alumni has to make an impression.

Ignite Sweden. This is a laser-focused hub, supporting startups with contacts to corporate executives. Bigger players have deep pockets and can do more; they are invaluable to the little guys. Ignite Sweden has to missions. The crew wants to increase commercial collaboration between startups and corporates, plus learn and share best practices about startup and corporate projects.

SSES Ventures: Affinity. This is the Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship. 15,000 graduates, 40% of alumni create firms. 10,000 people are employed thanks to these 1,500 companies. SSES teaches entrepreneurs skills like trend spotting, negotiations, financing, and leadership.

Sting. This accelerator has been teaching tech startups since 2002. More than 300 entrepreneurs build a value worth 1,2B Euro. Sting is frequently called ‘the best accelerator in Scandinavia’ and ‘the main runway for startups’ in Stockholm. Individual approach and connections to many entrepreneurs make this accelerator a great choice.

Sparx. This is the place for early-stage startups and entrepreneurs in the service industry. The team looks for young businessmen who see opportunities to accelerate their companies with Sodexo and its customers.

+Impact. This accelerator works in a model of bootcamp, which is a 3-day program with multiple stakeholders. Like corporates interested in co-creation of pilot projects with participating startups. The program will select 10 startups that will undergo the accelerator’s process.

Growspark. This is an accelerator interested in building future societies through technology. The team created a space where the hub’s resources and startups’ innovative solutions create business value together. High focus on sales, management and coaching and ‘no exclusivity’ rule makes this space an interesting choice for young companies.

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