April 29th, 2020 | by CSHARK

CSHARK Works on Software Development Project for the American Client

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New cooperation with the HTP J-1 Visa Programs

Since November 2019 CSHARK has been working with HTP J-1 Visa Programs, an American company. The goal of the project is the maintenance and development of the Visa application platform.

HTP J-1 Visa Programs offers services for interns, trainees, and teachers from all over the world. Thanks to the platform, their clients can be interviewed, HTP J-1 can review their application documents, check personal data, and make sure they meet all the crucial requirements during the Visa application process to the USA.

This is one of the reasons HTP J-1 was looking for a technology partner such as CSHARK, which has the know-how and the experience from the regulatory area and will be able to develop and maintain the existing application.

Our C# team together with the dedicated Delivery Manager are working on the application development. The scope of the work includes code corrections, bug fixing, optimization, and many software improvements. Visa platform development project is managed with the use of the SCRUM methodology.

Mario Janssen, President/CEO at the HTP J-1 Visa Programs described our cooperation in detail at Clutch.


This article wouldn’t have been written without the engagement of our CSHARKers! It was created thanks to their expert knowledge & extensive experience. As multiple people were involved in the consultancy, creation, and verification process, we figured it’s not fair to list just one of us as an author. Let’s say it was a collective work of many great minds.