Fenergo CLM Services
for Banks and FinTechs

Transform your Client Lifecycle Management into a competitive advantage with Fenergo CLM solution and our transformation experts specializing in banking and financial services. Enhance your efficiency and adaptability while ensuring regulatory compliance through our comprehensive end-to-end capabilities.

End-to-End CLM Solutions

Client Lifecycle Management that Covers All Onboarding and Regulatory Requirements.

We implement and modernize the core and application landscape moving out from legacy systems that keeps financial institutions behind. We go beyond standard enhancing existing platforms for seamless integration and workflow optimisation.

Onboarding & KYC
ESG, Tax and Market Regulations
Account Opening
Loan Origination
Banking & Markets Product Onboarding
Transaction Monitoring
Transaction Screening

Fenergo Delivers Real ROI

Fenergo Client Lifecycle Management

In recent years, credit and financial institutions faced hefty fines costing billions of dollars due to non-compliance and data breach issues. Fenergo provides solution for CLM, KYC, and Anti-Money Laundering that is used by 26 out of 50 tier 1 and tier 2 global banks.

CSHARK is Fenergo implementation and integration partner for over a decade. We successfully delivered 50+ projects for top-tier financial institutions around the world.


Reduction in manual errors and volumes of client outreach.

12 weeks

To transform client onboarding & lifecycle experience.

120+ countries

Codified into regulatory rules for financial crime & regulatory compliance.


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