April 9th, 2020 | by Szymon Cichoń

How to Cut Software Development Expenses and Stay Fully Operational

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The COVID-19 outbreak is taking its toll on many businesses. Most company owners are currently preoccupied with ensuring business continuity despite enforced office closures and remote work. What to do when the need to cut costs is inevitable amid the economic uncertainties brought about by the coronavirus pandemic? Outsourcing your software development projects is one way to go.

IT Outsourcing Cost

Cutting your software development expenses while staying fully operational? Possible!

How much you will save depends on the nature and complexity of each project, but the market reports anything from 30% to 60% (according to the Hacker Noon). IT outsourcing isn’t just about reducing potential salary costs that would be allocated to dedicated software teams; it also helps you further reduce expenses in operations (no need for extra hardware and office space!) and management. If you need proof, take a look at the detailed cost analysis we’ve recently published in this article.

When you hire a custom software development company, you usually delegate a range of tasks, hence these substantial savings. If you commission a new business application, the project won’t focus solely on programming but will include UX/UI design, data analysis, QA analysis and others. Comprehensive software development services usually ensure maintenance and customer service as well.

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IT Outsourcing Benefits

In fact, there are numerous non-financial benefits of outsourcing software development:

  • You save time (and time is priceless!).
  • You can allocate more resources on running your core business.
  • You gain access to a talent pool around the world and the latest technologies (the right companies really know what they’re doing and have the right processes in place – make sure you do your own research).
  • That said, you also gain quality.
  • You can better manage risks if your operations are split between different vendors.

If you’re thinking you should perhaps postpone executing your next application for more secure times – don’t. Instead of hiring new employees, outsource the development of your new custom software tool. This will allow you to cut software development expenses, which means executing projects on a smaller budget and staying fully operational until things get back to normal.

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