July 4th, 2019 | by CSHARK

CSHARK’s Venture Partner VecCtor Wins an Award

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VecCtor, a CSHARK’s Venture Partner, was awarded the “Digital Champion North”

VecCtor won in the “Digital process and organization” category at the DIGITAL X event, hosted by German Telekom, the biggest telecommunication operator in Germany. With this win in the North region, VecCtor automatically enters the competition for the countrywide DIGITAL CHAMPIONS AWARD.

The auditorium in Hamburg became a scene for the most innovative companies in Germany. 1500 of them gathered in the northern part of the county to present their potentially disruptive business ideas. Only four companies were able to convince the jury:

  • CHARK’s partner – VecCtor GmbH from Lübeck. The winner in the “Digital process and organization” category,
  • KONE GmbH from Hannover. The winner in the “Digital products and services” category,
  • Kurt König Digital Services GmbH & Co. KG from Einbeck. The winner in the “Digital transformation” category,
  • Eucon Group from Münster. The winner in the “Digital customers’ experience in managing digital claims through intelligent claims systems” category.

DIGITAL X is an initiative for Germany’s digitalization that brings thousands of business owners, managers, and other decision-makers to talk about the future. The 2018 edition brought 15,000 attendees, 100 keynote speakers, and over 200 partners.

The 2019 edition will take place under the dictation of four buzzwords – inspiration, interactive, future and disruption. Experts will present their studies and knowledge about digital leadership, innovations, technologies, and best practices.

VecCtor won the DIGITAL X award just months after establishing its telematic platform. Who knows, maybe the company will be lead the next DIGITAL X event? Dr. Peter Tschenscher, Hamburg’s mayor, talked about the city as a truly digital organism – every public school has a high-speed internet connection, 5G is tested in the nearby harbor. Around DIGITAL X companies build a track for testing autonomous drives in real public traffic. Dr. Tschenscher described Hamburg as a pioneer in digitalization in business, and society. This is achievable through well-established processes and that’s what VecCtor does.

VecCtor’s product was built with the help of CSHARK’s MAKO platform for rapid software development. It allows for the creation of a ready-to-market and scalable software product in a significantly reduced amount of time, often in months. With it you save time and money on the development team, having a pre-configured development environment.


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