March 8th, 2022 | by CSHARK

CSHARK Stands in Solidarity with Ukraine

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On the morning of February 24th, we all woke up in a different reality. Ever since we heard the distressing news, we’ve been extremely concerned about our Ukrainian friends, their families, and our employees.


From a feeling of devastation to the start of action

Many of our employees have started delivering help on their own right away — from gathering necessary supplies and donating money to charities, to psychological support and helping refugees through the Polish border. We are proud to have such considerate people on board.


CSHARK supports the people of Ukraine

Throughout the years, we’ve been working with many nations and cultures, always believing in people and not harmful ideologies. We strongly oppose military conflicts and support shared values of trust, mutual respect and freedom. This will never be subject to change.

To back that, we have taken action in cooperation with our Ukrainian Tech Lead, Roman Ugrynyuk.

  • We have donated 200 000 PLN to Polish and Ukrainian NGOs (PAH, Come Back Alive) and fundraisers.
  • We have turned parts of our Wrocław office into a temporary home for refugees — we have prepared accommodation, a kitchen, a bathroom as well as a place to relax.
  • We have joined Tech for Ukraine to use our core strengths for good.
  • We continue to support the personal efforts of our employees.


Business as usual, despite the challenges

At the same time, our operational integrity is intact. All our European employees are working safely from Poland and Western Europe, ensuring that during the difficult times our partners can keep moving forward at a steady pace — towards a more united and peaceful world.



This article wouldn’t have been written without the engagement of our CSHARKers! It was created thanks to their expert knowledge & extensive experience. As multiple people were involved in the consultancy, creation, and verification process, we figured it’s not fair to list just one of us as an author. Let’s say it was a collective work of many great minds.