April 29th, 2021 | by CSHARK

CSHARK Gets Recognized as Wrocław's Best Digital Design Company

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CSHARK was hailed as one of the best B2B firms on Clutch’s 2021 Leaders Awards.

According to Clutch’s research, we are the number 1 digital design company in Wroclaw, Poland. This is particularly important for us because only 1.5 years ago, we started building a product design team. Before that, we focused mainly on software development and outsourcing.

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“We believe that Clutch is a good source of knowledge about the company and its projects. We know that customers are browsing our company profile on this platform, and we often refer them to it ourselves.

Thank you very much for honoring CSHARK as the “Top Digital Design Company in Wroclaw”. It is another distinction in the Clutch ranking for our company; we are also among the “Top Canada Custom Software Developers” and “Top Germany Custom Software Developers” rankings.” — Kamil Kwećka, CSHARK Co-Founder & Board Member

We want to take this moment to send our sincerest gratitude to our clients who undoubtedly supported us up to this day. Our achievements are all made possible thanks to their trust and their collaboration.

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Moreover, Visual Objects, a portfolio site that’s dedicated to featuring business rankings and the works of the top agencies, hailed us as one of Poland’s highest-performing UX design companies.

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This article wouldn’t have been written without the engagement of our CSHARKers! It was created thanks to their expert knowledge & extensive experience. As multiple people were involved in the consultancy, creation, and verification process, we figured it’s not fair to list just one of us as an author. Let’s say it was a collective work of many great minds.