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Building an Outstanding Warehouse Management and Automation System  

Client Overview

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Our client is a company that has been offering innovative solutions and developing its product range in the field of in-house transport systems and intralogistics since 2008.

Their solutions help customers in: warehouse automation, in-house transport automation (forklifts, conveyors, hand pallet trucks, etc.), packaging and shipment of goods, palletizing and depalletizing goods, automation of buffering processes for raw materials and finished goods, flow management.




Client’s Business Need

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Our client is partnering with a leading global furniture manufacturer for which they have supplied equipment and machinery that move raw materials and semi-products from one station to another, automate processes, and streamline warehouse operations.

However, they needed a well-designed and easy-to-use application that would respond to the client’s needs and aggregate data from all the workstations and machinery for the warehouse in one place.

Our Approach

This project was a great opportunity for us to learn about the challenges and needs of an industrial and manufacturing client.

In addition, being passionate about new technologies, we were over the moon to create an innovative application with elements of automation, data migration, and IoT. We also used our broad expertise in product design. 


Data Aggregation

Our front-end app collects data aggregated from all stations and devices of the warehouse. Due to the carefully designed user interface, the data is easily accessible and understandable. With just a glance at the screen, you can see which machines are running, which are vacant, and which are out of service.

You may also find information on the distribution and quantity of materials at each station or shelf. The application allows users to create and customize reports on machine usage and load. Based on them, the client will be able to optimize and improve internal processes.  

Warehouse Visualization

A lot of work went into creating a visualization of the warehouse and adding the feature of placing the conveyors on the map to reflect the actual state of the warehouse. 


Submitting Requests

We have created a vital and helpful feature, which is the submission of requests in the application. In this way you can report the need to move some product or material from place to place. The panel also shows subtasks, i.e. everything that needs to happen in the warehouse for the selected material to go to the indicated place. All tasks can be tracked in real time in the application. 


Our application has been introduced at one of the manufacturer‘s facilities and is being tested before being rolled out to other locations. These tests give the client the necessary knowledge of what else is needed in the application, so we have been working for several months on more features that will soon help the company manage its warehouses more efficiently and automatically.

The manufacturer is very pleased with the results so far and the fact that we were able to develop the application in a short period of time, without multiple bugs and with the possibility of further development. 

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