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Transforming the Energy Sector’s Recruitment Landcape with MVP Design & Development


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About Client

Nudge is a pioneering marketplace platform designed to revolutionize the recruitment process in the energy sector by seamlessly connecting freelance contractors with companies. It enables contractors to showcase their skills, expertise, availability,
and rates, creating a dynamic and transparent talent pool. Companies, on the other hand, gain access to a community of vetted experts, ensuring they find the right skill set at the right time. The platform streamlines the entire hiring process, from initial search and comparison of freelancer profiles to the final onboarding, all facilitated through an automated matching system and a comprehensive digital wallet system for billing and payments. Nudge stands out as a simple yet effective solution, transforming the traditional recruitment landscape
into an efficient, digital-first experience.




Client’s Business Need

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The client, Darren Nicol, identified a significant business need
in the energy sector: the challenge of efficiently finding
and recruiting the right engineers for contracts in the oil
and gas industry.

The traditional recruitment process in this sector was long, tiresome, and often ineffective, failing to meet the dynamic needs of companies and freelance contractors. Nudge aimed to address several critical pain points:

  • inefficient talent acquisition in the energy sector,
  • lack of centralized talent pool,
  • time-consuming recruitment processes regarding traditional methods,
  • transparency in skills and rates,
  • complex contract and payment processes for different roles.


The cooperation between Nudge and CSHARK resulted in creating a transformative digital marketplace that significantly enhanced the recruitment process in the energy sector. The benefits for Nudge and their clients can be summarized as follows:

  • Efficient Recruitment – Nudge streamlined the hiring process, drastically reducing time and complexity for companies seeking skilled talent.
  • Centralized Talent Access – Companies gained direct access to a vetted pool of professionals, simplifying the search and evaluation process.
  • Automated Matching & Smooth Onboarding – The platform’s automated features and digital wallet system facilitated precise candidate-company pairing and effortless onboarding.
  • Cost-Effective & High-Value MVP – Nudge’s MVP approach ensured maximum value at minimal cost, providing an accessible and scalable recruitment solution.
  • Robust Foundation for Growth – The use of scalable technologies prepared Nudge for future expansion and adaptability to evolving market needs.

Overall, the collaboration resulted in a win-win situation, with Nudge positioning itself as a leader in digital recruitment solutions for the energy sector and its clients benefiting from a more efficient, transparent, and user-friendly recruitment process.

What I liked in the first place about working with CSHARK was complete honesty and transparency. The team was fully committed to the project’s success and took the time to understand the industry and what we want to achieve. CSHARK also consistently explained the technical approach. This helped us to understand the reasons behind decisions which kept us on the same page. Finally, CSHARK was the only company that responded to all of our needs and recommended what worked well for us and their technical preference. Thanks to all the team, you delivered above and beyond!

Darren Nicol

CEO and Founder of Nudge

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