January 24th, 2019 | by Kamil Kwećka

Digital Poland Report: Map of the Polish AI

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The Digital Poland Foundation has just published a report, exploring the AI ecosystem in Poland. With the national strategy to make Poland one of the leading global digital innovation hubs, the country is a driving force behind digital transformation in Central Europe. A report features a number of companies that make an impact with their products. Among them is Husarion, our business Partner from the robotics field.

Digital Poland is an organization that supports the Polish economy by presenting local companies which make valuable products and services in the area of widely understood AI. The report points towards many areas in which Polish companies are active. Enterprise, Big Data, predictive analytics, ML tools, gaming, robotics, FinTech, Industry 4.0, IoT and many, many more. The list seems endless and it’s for a very good reason. Poland has many talents, especially Polish programmers, and with technology universities all over the country, potential leaders, managers and employees have sprung left and right.

Among them is Husarion, a startup dedicated to the creation of robots, robotic platforms and systems. As says Dominik Nowak, Husarion’s CEO:

We’re proud to be featured by Digital Poland in their newest report about AI in our country! Poland is well known because of its highly skilled programmers, but it’s great to see that today tech skills are more and more often connected with new business ventures from our country. Poland’s economic growth which is currently the highest in Europe. AI, IoT, autonomous vehicles, robotics are emerging technologies in which we are very strong. It’s a great historical opportunity for us. Quality of products and services prove that beyond a doubt.

The report is unique in its form and presents top Polish software product development companies. Developers and companies in Poland are perfect for clients who are in need of nearshore software developers.

You can download the Map of the Polish AI, 2019 edition I report here.

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