April 8th, 2019 | by Marek Borowski

5 Trending JavaScript Libraries in 2019

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JavaScript has become one of the leading programming technologies in recent years. It’s innovative thanks to a large base of JavaScript software products dedicated to the creation of new tools, frameworks, libraries and other quality-of-life improvements. Every year software developers make a long list of less-known tools that have a chance to break into the mainstream. Let’s make our own list of 5 JavaScript most handy libraries for solving various problems.

Top 5 JavaScript libraries

‘A happy little thing’ – that’s how you talk about this library. It has only one task but I’m sure after the first use, it will become one of your most trusted tools. Cleve.js helps with the right formatting and displaying data such as credit card information, phone number, date, time, etc. It’s possible to format any given character string. Additional benefits include adjusting the tool for using it with other popular technologies like React or Angular.


If you are worried about your project being too dull and uninteresting, look no further. Use Popmotion for designing incredible animations that add ‘wow effect’ to even the most boring project. Animations can work in the background but they can also act as a response to the actions made, but user – mouse clicking or form completing. You can find a large number of usage examples on the webpage above or on multiple tutorials available on YouTube. Plus, it’s not the only choice from the creator of this library. If you like to work with ready-to-use React components choose Pose library, in any other case CSS-based StyleFire or SVG will suffice.

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  • Typed JS

Another interesting library is called Typed JS which allows for the creation of an interesting effect called ‘typed’. This is an animation of every letter in the sentence display right after the previous one. It doesn’t matter if it’s the name of your application or a life motto – your user will remember it for life. The recommendation for Typed JS comes from companies like Slack or Capital Factory – they are used passionately.

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An interesting proposition for software product developers who in their daily work are struggling with the audio layer through the creation of browser games with the sound or creation of web pages with music in the background (don’t do that at home!). Howler.js and its functionalities allow for managing and adjusting the whole audio side of the project. Through easily-manageable API it supports the 14 most popular audio files. Howler.js has a long list of widely-known clients, including Google, Disney, NASA and Electronic Arts.

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Last but not least is the Scroll Magic library, which is a response to the increased popularity of Single Page Application and showcase pages with the only action available for the user is the scrolling in search of further information. Thanks to Scroll Magic this dull activity can be a little more exciting – it allows the software product developer to implement interesting animations or visual effects in relation to scroll progress and how deep the user is on the page. You can be sure that the sudden colour change for the ‘Contact’ tab after 2 minutes of scrolling can change the page perception forever.

Recently we had premieres of hundreds of new JavaScript libraries and choosing only a few was a challenge. I hope these potential hits can impact your performance and ease the work on upcoming projects.

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