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About Client

Based in Germany, VecCtor is a startup offering a solution to help industrial companies manage resources. The tool is used by businesses to track drivers, passengers, vehicles, fuel, and cargo to make sure that both business and technical (for example, car amortization) requirements are met. In 2018, VecCtor chose CSHARK as a strategic and technological partner to develop their product. Read how we brought it to life in just a few months and helped the client scale.



Client’s Business Need

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Companies have vehicle fleets that must be monitored live
to effectively manage fuel, car exploitation factors, employee
work time, and more.

VecCtor recognized this market niche and wanted to fulfill it quickly, so they created the initial application on their own. In this product, monitoring was present only by tracking cars with statuses and alarms. Over time, this proved insufficient, and the company encountered scaling problems. They needed a very precise, high-quality solution, including an advanced communication system, to monitor any given object with statuses and alarms and to view their live position on a map. Therefore, in preparing this solution, the challenge was creating an entirely new system from the ground and crafting more transparent and informative user interfaces.

CSHARK’s Solution

To allow the client to focus on the business, we took accountability for the strategy, technology, and the entire path of the tool’s development.

Our team included ten talents, divided into two teams to utilize Scrum’s scalability and increase
the autonomy and flexibility of our developers. We also encouraged the VecCtor team to participate
in designing, building, and expanding the product to increase transparency and make quick improvements.

Our efforts turned into a functional, fully customized product. Thanks to a combination of all planned features, users can easily catalog, track, and measure all logistic processes like deliveries, material exploitation, construction projects, tool repairs, etc.

In addition, we prepared VecCtor’s WFM (Workforce Management) system that allowed for:

  • Planning employee’s tasks and monitor the execution.
  • Inform them about developments and roadblocks.
  • Improve the flow of internal documentation.
  • Increased employee effectiveness.

We also carefully designed clear layouts so that companies can easily monitor the flow of resources
and workforce.


Thanks to our agile approach and established processes, it took
us only a few months to create the application from strategy
and planning to release.

The developed application allows for easy cataloging, tracking, and measuring of all logistic processes within the organization. Telematics used in VecCtor’s platform helps companies gain knowledge about the fleet and employees. The product quickly gained recognition among companies in the target group and won the “Digital Champion North” award in “Digital process and organization” category
at the DIGITAL X event hosted by German Telekom.

I have been developing software in a professional capacity since 1999.
In these 20 years, I have never encountered the level of professionalism, creativity, and engagement I have found at CSHARK. These qualities
go from the management down to the new engineers in our team, which have an average onboarding time to the project of five days, due to the excellent internal documentation. These are some reasons why we have decided
to cooperate with CSHARK.

Brice De Ron

CEO at VecCtor

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